Monday, December 6, 2010

Rosey Finch

Today's feature comes to us from RoseyFinch in. Sit back & enjoy this wonderful Q&A. Don't forget to check her out on Etsy. Also, December 11-12 RoseyFinch will be at the Lucid Stage Craft Festival on Baxter Blvd in Portland Maine.

Q How did you come up with your shop name?
A When I was starting the line for this shop, I already had one other Etsy shop. I was opening RoseyFinch so I could have a place for my nicer, more high end items. I was struggling to find a new name because I needed it to be original and also to fit well with my first shop, BlueSky. I fretted over the new name for days. I wandered around the house, thinking out loud, being highly distressed, and annoying my boyfriend. Finally one night as I was lying in bed, all upset because I still didn't have a name, it suddenly just popped into my head. RoseyFinch. I proceeded to wake my poor boyfriend up and tell him the great news. The next day, I opened my shop!

Q How did you hear about Etsy?
A I heard about Etsy from a friend. I was trying to figure out how to sell the things I was making and she suggested I check it out.

Q How long have you been on Etsy?
A My first shop has been on Etsy for nearly a year, but I opened up RoseyFinch last summer (in June, I think).

Q Is Etsy a full time job or something you do on the side?
A Etsy is what I do on the side, but I would like it to be full time. I'm an art student at UMaine, and very busy with that, so my time for an actual job is extremely limited. It would be nice if my Etsy picked up enough to actually pay more than just the electric bill.

Q Since you make handmade items, do you buy handmade as well?
A I buy handmade whenever possible. I actually feel a little guilty when I buy something from a factory because I'd rather be supporting an artist.

Q Do you prefer handmade over factory made?
A I absolutely prefer handmade over factory. Lately I've really tried to stop buying anything that I could make myself or afford to buy from a mall business owner.

Q What is one of your favorite items that you've made?
A One of my favorite items I've made is actually a toy theater for my sculpture class that's not ever done yet. I'm an amateur woodworker, but I still love it :) As far as Etsy shop, though, I think my favorite is this feather headband.

Q What's the hardest part about the items you make?
A The hardest part is while buying supplies I get a little overexcited and have to remind myself to calm down and not buy too much, because I can't make it all. I just don't have time, or the money to put into it.

Q What inspires you?
A My inspiration comes from the world around me, and my daydreams. Sometimes I'll see someone walking around who just looks beautiful. Not necessarily their face or hair or clothes, but the colors they have on. Before I ordered my holiday supplies I saw a girl walking around campus dressed in such beautiful winter colors, and suddenly I knew what I wanted in the next few weeks. Sometimes my inspiration comes from movies with particularly stunning costumes. I also read Etsy's merchandising reports and that always gives me some ideas for colors and materials.

Q What would you say to a person just starting out in the handmade world?
A OH MY GOD DO YOUR RESEARCH! That's what Id say to someone just starting out. I literally spent hours and hours just surfing around looking for the most economical way to buy supplies before I bought anything, and even more hours and hours reading the above mentioned merchandising reports. IT'S SO IMPORTANT TO DO THAT! Otherwise, you'll just waste time and money.

Twitter: roseyfinchME
Tumblr: roseyfinch

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