Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Spooktacular Post

The new shop has been rather exciting. About two days ago, our Prosthetic Ripped Neck was featured on BuyZombie. Yesterday, the Dead Lady Foot in Shoe got a $30 bid on eBay. This shop is actually looking pretty good. I also got the website half way decent. Hopefully we'll be able to sale more the closer Halloween gets. Banner-Mart also got a face lift :) Speaking of Halloween, check out these awesome sellers.

Halloween Gift Tags, Variety Pack of 8

Halloween Candy Corn Theme Fake Cupcake for Decoration

Michelangelo Zombie Hands Pins

Halloween Embellishments, Set of 8

Halloween Finger Puppet Set

Halloween Puppets and Witch BOOK Set

Halloween Pumpkin Ghost Earrings

Halloween Swirl Crochet Scarf

Funky-Dramatic Red and Black Wristlet Purse

Oh, I almost forgot. Black Water FX now has a FaceBook. Don't forget to fan them :-) If you sell any type of Halloween item(s), feel free to send us a message. You might just see it on here :-)

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