Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chocolate Twilight Gamer

My three treasures I made. Enjoy =) (Click thee treasure photo to see bigger)

Sellers in this treasure: (left to right)
1) Twilight Decoupage Treasure Box by:katenskrafts
2) TWIFAN Braceletby:IlluminatingDesigns
3) Jacob Mosaic by:artbarkers
4) New Moon Coffe Cup Sleeve by:fezfactiry
5) Twilight Scrabble Tile Pendant by:VanityDesign
6) I APPLE Twilight by:TheDarkMonkey
7) I Was Pale... by:BABYWOOD
8) Alice Inspired Corset by:victoriavelvet
9) La Push by:vinylforall
10) Glass Magnet Set by:craftyaddictions
11) People Magnets by:angiespapercrafts
12) Jacob Frame by:PetitePersonalities
13) Twilight is my favorite time of day by:thehomespunraven
14) Team Edward/Jacob Plaque by:TyKey
15) Twilight Jewelry Box & Frame by:liveyourbliss

Sellers in this treasure: (left to right)
1) Winyl Nintendo Tote by:inhope
2) Nintendo Controller Pillow Case by:Modernality
3) PS 8gb USBby:DareDream
4) PS2 Cat Controller by:GEEKitty
5) Evolution of Gaming Soap by:Digitalsoaps
6) PS2/PS3 Controller Pillow by:BleedingHeartsCos
7) Sackboy by:chiwaluv
8) Rainbow Mushroom Charm Bracelet by:UntilItEndsStudios
9) Life Hearts by:stickerella
10) Mario and Mushroom by:RipleyBean
11) Atari Shirt by:ShockNRoll
12) GameBoy Tank by:SewOeno
13) Mario Glass Ashtrey by:kalcan8
14) Super Mario Bros Pillow by:PoppysGardenGate
15) Bombs Away Mario Shirt by:Morosemelonhead
16) Sexy Gamer Badge by:Chianne

Sellers in this treasure: (left to right)
1) White Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies by:sweetiesbykim
2) Caramels Covered in Milk Chocolate by:BrytsAngels
3) Keep Calm and Carry Chocolate by:snappymirrors
4) Chocolate Cordial Murano Glass Heart by:AdonaiGems
5) Double-Cuffed Felted mittens by:FuzzyKnits
6) Chocolate Drizzle Soap by:dennisanderson
7) Pocket Mirrors by:flirtbuttons
8) Peppermint Dark Chocolate Soap by:roseandroot
9) Play Felt Food S'mores by:barefootbuddies
10) Lace and ruffle Fauntlet/Wrist Corest by:Folk
11) Baby Woobie Blanket by:LuLusWoobies
12) Chocolate Dipped Butter Cookie by:candleconfections
13) Roccoco Chocolate Beige Newborn Cocoon by:illbeyarned
14) PB Chocolate Cake Truffles by:lollidreams
15) Chocolate Princess Pocket Mirror by:germaine
16) Chunky Monkey Crochet Flapper Beanies with Ears by:oksanaa79

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