Wednesday, January 13, 2010

School's Back

Uh-oh school has started. But thank God or ONLINE CLASSES. I thought I had sooooo much stuff to do in my Human Growth & Devel. class by Jan. 27 (10 discussion questions), but I found out we only have to do 1 discussion question. So that's only 5 discussion questions and 5 exams (final exam is optional) for the whole semester =) Only downfall is we have to take our test at the school. Hopefully we can use books or notes since there's 19 chapters and only 5 tests. I only have 4 exams, final, and 4 discussions due for my Intro. to Sociology class this semester. But I had the same teacher last semester for a different class, so it should be fairly easy.

I hope this semester goes as good as last semester. Ready to get out of there (3 semesters left) !

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