Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Avon, Avon, Avon, yaay!

Hello all. My last blog was a rather angry posting, but this one is a much much better one. I just got my Avon kit today. I have 10 books for the order due on Jan 12, 2010. I also have 10 for the next orders (but ordering more). If you are interested in a book for the next order, please let me know. If you want books in the future, I'll need to know that to so I will know how many to order. I do orders every 2 weeks. You can always shop online as well. If you see something you want, just let me know what it is. I will do your order and take payment. I'm excited to get this on the ball. I have also ordered some samples of perfume (ladies and guys) and some other samples that I can't remember off the top of my head. If you want anything, just e-mail me at If you want to be on my mailing list, just leave your name (first and last) and e-mail address (or you can e-mail it to me). My website you can shop from is The site has a chat and I'm going to try to be available for chat most of the day. Easier to reach me for questions. I hope someone out there is interested :D Hope you all have a great day and stay warm!

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