Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting Paid: Male vs Female / Giveaway

"What would you do if you were a female and found out your male co-workers and less experienced workers were getting paid more than you just because they were males? Would you take the company to court?"

If I found out that people with less experience and that all males were getting paid more than me and the rest of the female workers, I would take the company to court based on discrimination. People getting paid more based on gender is unfair. You should not get paid less just because you are a female. Pay should be based on work, not on gender. The pros of taking a company to court is that the court can make them pay fairly and can award you the money you were not getting. However, there is always a chance that the court will favor the company and not you. I would only take them to court if, and only if, I had proof. If the court did not do anything about it, I would be finding me a new job as soon as possible. I refuse to work at a job that pays based on gender. That is unfair and I believe in being paid fairly. The article that I got the question from, a lady named Lilly took them to court and lost. I do not agree with the Supreme Court's decision in this case at all. In my opinion, Lilly should have won her case. She had evidence and it was no doubt discrimination. However, I do agree with the House of Representatives for passing the Fair Pay Act. As I previously stated, workers should be paid based on the work they do and their position, not on their gender. If a male and female have the same amount of education, work experience, and the same position, then they should be paid the same amount.
Check out this great giveaway I entered from Bluejules Sew.
The giveaway includes:
- a beautiful gift bag made from linen with a handmade lace heart on it And a bonus: the bag is filled with sweets!
- a handy pouch that closes with a zipper
- a tissue holder (not the one in the picture but similar). I find these awfully handy, particularly when you don't want to rustle with the bought tissue packages in a quiet room.
- a black hair clip
- a small hand massager
- samples of perfumes from the French perfumery Fragonard.

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