Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't knock me back down to Earth yet!

"Congratulations! You are within reach of a huge milestone..." That is how a letter started that I recently got in the mail. I have been looking forward to this day for the past few years. What day? COLLEGE GRADUATION!!! I have one year and one semester left and then I will have my Associates in Arts degree (already certified in Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint). It has been a smooth yet bumpy ride, but it was fun. I can graduate faster, but I am only taking two classes per semester. After I graduate, I plan to find a online school that offers Graphic Designing. With those two degrees, I'm not sure there's tons of jobs I could do, although it could possibly be hard to find any. So cross your fingers and pray that nothing comes up and I graduate when expected :)

On another note, the husband and I have decided Sunday to go on a low-carb. diet. It's going to be a hard tough ride at first, but hopefully it'll be worth it. If you know any good, yummy low-carb. recipes, be sure to post them. :)

If you read my Halloween posts, you probably know I entered a few costume contests. Well...I WON (one of them)!!!! Thank you to all the voted!


Hope you all have a fun and blessed day!

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