Sunday, October 4, 2009

eBay is unfair!!!

So I've been a eBay member since 2006. I've sold and bought items and have nothing but positive feedback. Until recently. A member bought a item from me and it was in perfect condition when it was shipped. The member didn't contact me or anything, except to ask the brand of the item. It was a GameCube controller. When I checked my feedback, I found an negative from them. A pretty mean comment. Anyhow, after the e-mailed me fussing and complaining, I contacted eBay about it. From my understanding, they are suppose to contact you BEFORE leaving feedback if they have an issue. This person didn't do that. They waited until after they left feedback. Two eBay representatives I talked to told me to e-mail the Trust and Safety Dep. and that they would remove the feedback. Guess what? They didn't!!! All they tell me is that it's up to the buyer to remove it. That is freaking BS! Just like the rep I talked to said, it was the buyer's fault and I should not be penalized for that. When I sent the department a message, they said "I recommend you post a factual and professional reply to the comment." If eBay's Trust and Safety Department would actually READ the message I sent them and look at the feedback, they would know that I ALREADY DID THAT!!!!!!! eBay has gotten on my LAST nerve. If this isn't fixed ASAP, I will refuse to use eBay any longer! I am on the verge of closing my account on there. I have already unlinked my bank account and bank card from PayPal. Next step, unlink PayPal from eBay. However, since I have stuff to sale, I will make a new account, but eBay will not know I have a new one. At this point, I HATE eBay. Words can't explain how ticked off I am about eBay. Now my feedback is ruined for something that wasn't even my fault. All they do is lie to you and don't read anything you send them. They do not treat their sellers fairly. All they care about is the money and their buyers. Well guess what eBay, you can't have buyers without SELLERS!!! My advice to anyone, DO NOT USE EBAY UNLESS YOU HAVE TO!!!

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