Friday, September 25, 2009


I've started back to school. I have to say, I actually like both classes this time. First history class I have ever had that I have like, ha. My husband also started school this month for the first time. I also got a new tattoo Monday and got my nose pierced :). I'm going back today to get an Industrial piercing by the same person. He's only going to charge me $40 for a $60/$70 piercing :). Only charged me $45 for my nose and $130 or my tattoo. That's cheap for the places down here at the beach. And $130 is cheap for the tattoo too. The tattoo looks much better than the photo below. Now that it's healing up, the colors are brighter than in the picture. I also found out that part of my body takes pain better than the other. On my right side, I have a small tattoo. I almost went to sleep because it didn't hurt at all. However, my small tattoo on the left side hurt. When he did my new tattoo, the left side hurt way more than the right side. Weird body I'd say, ha. But anyways, that's pretty much all of the update. Oh, I make Ribbon Memo Boards now. If you want one, just let me know. Until next time...

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