Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Update and thoughts

So I decided to do a different kind of blog post. A semi-update/thoughts type. :-) Since my last post, nothing new has really happened. The piercing is healing up great. 3 months until I can change it though :-( The video is below this post for those of you that want to see it :-D The other day, I decided to highlight my hair. I like it except one side is has thicker highlights than the other side :-O Maybe I can get some brown and fix it later, ha. As you see in my last post, I have already came up with my 5th tattoo idea :-) That one will be placed in the upper-center of my back. I also want a small heart design on the lower-outter part of my leg. I want to add on to the star that I have on my lower back and I want two small hearts on my inner left wrist. The tattoos can be found at the bottom of this post. I also want an industrial piercing in my right ear. After all of that, I'll good.....for a while, ha. On to other news. I start back to school next month. I took the summer off. Needed it since I don't even remember the last time I had the summer free, ha. I'll be taking History (Western Civilization to 1689) and trying to find a 2nd class. Trying to finish up my Associates in Arts degree so I can do Journalism stuff. I'm also doing a Computer Networking degree, but not sure when or if I'll finish that. After my AA degree, I'm going to go for Graphic Designs. Help me more in what I do. I'm self taught in my graphic design knowledge so I know there's tons I missing out there, ha. Oh, I'm doing my classes online as well since I'm babysitting my two brothers in the daytime. Enough about school. Hope everyone had a fun and safe july 4th. I did. The hubby and I went to his grandparent's house. They had hot dogs and hamburgers (and other things) We played the Wii for about 5 hours, ha. And when I say "we", I mean me, the hubby, bro-in-law, his g/f, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and the hubby's grandparents ha. Got some funny videos of that, that I'll post at the bottom of this blog. Good times.

Tattoo Ideas
July 4th Videos & Photos

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