Friday, July 17, 2009

Stupid Best Buy!!!

I sent my computer to Best Buy June 21 to get it fixed (can't send it straight to Sony because I have warranty on it and stuff, which to me sounds like a load of bs). I kept checking the Tracker they sent me in my e-mail. On Sunday, it said it was received at the store at 5:34pm. I never got a phone call or e-mail saying it was ready to pick-up (they are supposed to call and send a e-mail). I called Tuesday and it was at the store ready. Today I FINALLY get a e-mail saying it's ready but guess what? No phone call still. I was even down there Sunday and could have already gotten it if they would have done what they're supposed to do. This is the LAST time they EVER fix my computer. Grr!!! I will PAY someone to fix it before I take it back to them. They will hear about this when I go to get my computer. They shouldn't hold your computer like that and not tell you that it's ready. Stupid Best Buy!

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