Friday, July 24, 2009

Mother Charged With Child Neglect

I saw on the news thing that a woman was charged with Child Neglect. The child is 14 and weighs 555 and he gains weight at a rate of half a pound a day IMO, I don't think it's ALL the woman's fault for it. She can't make him not eat certain things or as much when he's at school. Yea she can send him a lunch, but who's to say that he won't get money from other people to get junk food? Sure she can try to put him on a diet at home, but she always see what he eats away from home. The kid has a big play in this, not just the mom. If I had a kid 555, you can bet he'd be getting some kind of help. There's no since any a kid, let alone anyone, to be that big. It's just uncalled for. And plus he's 14, he should know he was overweight, ya know? If I were him and weighed that much, I would be dieing to lose weight, no matter how much I loved food. I would force myself to lose it. And what about his other family members? I'm sure they knew he was overweight...The police should have said "get him help", and if she said "no", then sure they should have charged her. Otherwise, no.
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