Saturday, July 25, 2009

GoozEx: What a GREAT site!!!

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a place that buys games and such. I didn't wanna use stores like GameStop because they rip you off big time. For example, say they sell your game for $50. Don't even try to think you're going to get $25. You'll end up with way less than $25 unless you get in-store-credit. I think if they guy a game from you, you get half of what they sell it for. Anyways, I did find a site. They don't buy games, but let you TRADE them with other members. The site is called GoozEx. Wonderful site. I thought it was a scam until I did my first trade. I've only been on the site for a few weeks, and already traded out 4 games. I received my first game, and it was in great condition. How does GoozEx work? Well take a look below and find out.

How it works
Step 1: Sign up for free! List the games you want to trade. GoozEx will find a match and notify you automatically.
Step 2: Mail your game and earn points that can be used to request other games. Goozex even provides you with a shipping lable so you don't have to go to the post office. Or you can chose not to print it and make that trip.
Step 3: Add games to your requested list. All you need is enough Points and one Goozex Trade Token per trade. You only pay $1 per game when you receive it. $1 = 1 Goozex Trade Token. The site gives you 1 free Trade Token when you sign up

I've also included some FAQ that I got directly of the Goozex site.

Does it really only cost $1.00 per trade?
Yes. A Goozex Trade Token is the $1 fee that you pay to Goozex to process a trade through the Goozex network. For every game that you receive from another user, you spend 1 trade token. Trade tokens are valued at $1 a piece, so essentially, you are getting a game for a buck plus the cost of shipping! Goozex is the cheapest and easiest way to legally trade video games. There are no monthly membership fees, setup fees, hidden costs. Nothing. And remember you are trading the video games, not renting; therefore, the games you receive in the mail become your property, as the games you send to other members become other member's property. Trading on Goozex is easy: once you list your requests and offers, you don't have to do anything else! Just wait for Goozex to find the perfect match for your transactions!

What is the Goozex Guarantee?
All trades on are 100% guaranteed. Should a game get lost in the mail or be broken during shipping, Goozex will refund you the points and trade tokens you have spent, and put your request back in queue. In addition, Goozex transfers the points to the seller only after positive feedback is received from the buyer, providing additional protection for your trades. Once sellers increase their feedback score, they will be credited faster. As a seller, you are protected with the shipping tracking numbers that are provided automatically with the Goozex shipping labels. In addition, our dispute system let's you work out a resolution with the buyer or escalate the issue to Goozex for review.

Do I have to go to the Post Office to mail my game?
Absolutely not. When you trade one of your games, Goozex provides you an automatic shipping label that you can print off your computer and stick to the package: no more lines at the Post Office! Just place the label on the package, and mail it from home! (Only available in the USA)

What if I don't have enough points or trade tokens?
If you haven't received enough points through your trades for the game you want, you can purchase points and trade tokens from Goozex through the "My Account" section. There are different amounts that will suit your needs. Goozex accepts Visa, MasterCard and PayPal as methods of payment.

Is it really that easy to offer and request games?
Yes. The best part about Goozex is that trading is easy and hassle free! After you offer and request games, Goozex will notify you via email for any matches you have as a seller or when another member is sending you a game. You can put games "on hold" if you're not ready to send or receive them, but want to be in the queue.
Offer games - List the games you no longer want to your Offers List:
* Find the game you're willing to trade
* Click "Add to My Offers" on the game page
* Wait for Goozex to notify you by email once a match occurs
The Goozex system will notify you via email every time one of your games has been requested, so that you can go ahead and mail it to the requesting user. You will still have the possibility to accept the trade, delay it, or reject it if you prefer to keep the game.
Request games - List the games you want to receive to your Requests List:
* Find the game you want using the search tools
* Click "Add to My Requests" on the game page
* Wait for Goozex to find a match for you automatically
If the seller accepts the trade, the Goozex system will notify you via email when the game is shipped to you (just sit down and relax: the game will be delivered to your address if a few days!). Matrix MatchTM is a system design that allows you to choose how you want to ship and receive games. Games are listed in three different conditions:
* Option 1: Send/Receive Full Package (Disc + Manual + Case)
* Option 2: Send/Receive Disc + Manual
* Option 3: Send/Receive Disc Only
As a seller you must list the condition that fits your product best. As a buyer you can request games in any of the three conditions and the fastest way to get games is to request Disc Only. Make sure you always double check the condition you are listing games in your offer and request queues.

If you want a place to trade games, go sign up on GoozEx. You won't be dissappointed!!! GoozEx While you're at it, take a look at my profile located on the right side of the blog!

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