Monday, January 5, 2009

2 in 1

Today we have 2 featured members. Normally there would only be one, but I didn't get around to featuring anyone yesterday.

Our first featured member is BriGuysGirls. She hails from Vineland, NJ, Glenside, PA, and Philadelphia. She is a wonderful jewelry maker. Here's a snippit of her world.

1) How long have you been making the things you make?
7 years. I saw an issue of INSTYLE magazine and their jewelry section was beckoning me (as always) and I looked at how the pieces were made and thought, hey, I can totally do that, and for way less then 500 bucks! So, I got my first strand of semi precious beads, some copper wire and some scissors...*gasp!*...and made my first very crude necklace. It was HIDEOUS! I have improved since then though...I think. :o)

2) What inspires your work?
Colors in nature, colors in organic fabrics like silks and leather, I love natural colors and so a lot of my work is very earth toned. My family inspires me to do better, I want to help provide for them.

3) What is the hardest of your work to make?
Wire wrapping briolettes, i am ever trying tgo perfect my technique here. and coming up with fresh dsignsm that can be a challenge some days.

4) With saying that, what is the most difficult part in makeing any of it?
The design process is very tedious. i am a perfectionist and if one thing is amiss, it's re-done or scrapped totally. i annoy myself sometimes!

5) You have some neat items such as the ipod/cellphones pouches. Did you come up with those creations, or was it a inspiration?
I was going to attend a craft party, where each person brings a hand made SOMETHING or an idea on paper, and I remembered using a denim pocket when i was little as a holder for some pretty dried flowers for my mom, so i took that idea to another level and thought, what ELSE can you fit in a denim pocket?

6) My future sister-in-law told me about Etsy, how did you find out about it?
My mom. she is very proud of her daughters work, so she is forever trying to find new venues for me. this one has been working well so far, thanks mom!!!!

7) Any upcoming ideas for the new year?
just to focus on making my shop the very best it can be, tweaking it, etc. but the biggest thing for me right now is to learn perfec balance of family duties, household chores and etsy, i thought i was a pretty good multi-tasker, until now!

Our second member comes to us from California. There name is CuteFramesByK. She has some neat items as well. Here's a small peek of her life.

CuteFramesByK is a mother and daughter team that loves creating all sorts of gifts for everyone to love and cherish forever. All of their items are made with the outmost care and quality as they would want for something to be made for them. They also do custmized items and bulk items

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