Friday, December 26, 2008

So ticked off!

Oh my gosh. I'm so ticked off at at the moment, it's not even funny. So I got a e-mail saying that if you order UPS Next Day Air by 11:59 on 12/22/08 that it would be here BY christmas. Well guess what? It's the day AFTER Christmas and the freakin' thing isn't here yet. To make it worse, UPS site had a delivery date of the freaking 24th! Now there is no date on it. has ticked me off for the first and LAST time. I might not ever buy from them again. I sent three e-mails and never got a reply. I sent one a few minutes ago letting them know exactly what I think. Grrrr!!!! Here's the letter.

Hi. I got a email stating that 12/22/08 by 11:59 pm was the LAST day for Christmas Delivery by Next Day Air. I purchased a gift at 11:54am THAT DAY. It is now 12/26/200 AFTER Christmas and I have NOT received my purchase. I did it Next Day Air and wanted it BY Christmas as the e-mail stated because it was a gift. If I knew I would not get it by then, I would have NEVER paid the extra shipping to get it here by Christmas. I even checked the tracking number on the UPS site on 12/24/2008 and it said the delivery date was 12/24/2008. On the morning of Christmas, when I checked it, it didn't even have a delivery date anymore. Since it was shipped on the 23rd, I should have got it on the 24th since it was NEXT DAY AIR. It is now 2 days AFTER the date it was suppose to be here and I have STILL not received it.

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