Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello 2013; good-bye 2012

Happy, happy new year [yes, that’s TWO happys].  A day late, but better late than never.  2012 has came and gone.  It was filled with a lot of happiness, saddness, laughter, drama - you name it.  At least for me anyhow.  It was a good year, but I’m glad it’s over.  I’m moving on to bigger and better things for 2013.  I’ve already started 2013 off on the right foot by bringing it in with my love.  I just want to touch on a few things/highlights from 2012 [world wide & personal] before going into my resolutions.  First, I want to mention one of the most anticipated days: December 21, 2012 - the end of the Myan calendar & the end of the world.  Really guys?  You actually BELIEVED that the end of aCALENDAR would mark the end of TIME?  That has to be one of the funniest jokes I’ve ever heard.  Allow me to share a verse from the Bible: “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father” - Matthew 24:36.  Need I say more?  Secondly, it was a bittersweet year for USC.  University of South Carolina that is [the REAL USC ;)].  We beat Clemson for the forth time in a row.  However, the team lost a wonderful player, Marcus Lattimore, after he suffered a leg injury on October 27, 2012 against the TN Volunteers.  Great news is that on December 12, 2012, he stated that he would be entering the 2013 NFL Draft.  I was bummed to hear he wouldn’t be returning to USC football, but he’s going on to bigger and better. :)  These next highlights are personal ones.  As many of you know, I’ve been working out/exercising since the beginning of the 2012 year [well, Feb].  I started out at 160lbs, and as of early December, I am happy to say I’ve reached my goal weight of 130lbs! :)  Happy happy!  Another highlight happened on June 28, 2012.  It was the day I would take my first trip to MI & see the most important guy in my life [aside of family!].  He has stuck by me through thick & thin in these almost 17 months.  We’ve been through enough that would tear ANY couple apart, but, like always, we get past the obsticles.  I couldn’t ask for a better guy.  Yeah, we may be 14 hours apart, but distance is only temporary.  I’m sure there’s more that happened in 2012, but I’m running on 2ish hours of sleep, mind’s in zombie mode, ha.  Before moving on to 2013, I will say this: 2012 has taught me and shown me a lot.  It’s shown me that people’s true colors really show when you least expect it.  I’ve also learned that you can’t always mend things, no matter how much hope you have in it [took me 4 years to realized this].  I’ve learned so much in 2012 & I will carry it on into 2013.
2013 - a new book with 365 blank pages to fill with memories.  I plan to make these pages worth reading & the memories worth remembering.  This year started out on the right foot and already looks like a great year for me.  Next month I can FINALLY close a book in my life that I wish was closed a long time ago [thank God!].  Some of you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.  I’ll be attending another art festival for my photography in the spring.  Also, I’ll graduate later in the year with my BS degree in internet management/web development.  :) Yay!
Things to do in 2013:
Learn guitar
Get back on track with working out/exercising
Graduate on time
Attend more art festivals
Continue to build my gaming collection
Don’t let drama enter my life
Be a good influence to my little brother
Continue to become a better person that God has in store for me to be
As I end this, I want to say thank you to all who made 2012 a memorial year & thank you to the ones who tried to fill it with drama.  You’ve showed me who NOT to carry on into 2013 with. ;-)  I am thankful for the new people God has placed in my life in 2012 & for the ones he removed.  Here’s to the past!!!

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