Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good Bye 2011; Hello 2012

Today is the start of a new and better year. 2011 threw me a lot of curve balls. Some I was ready for, some not so much. The end of the year was one of everyone's worse nightmares; home invasion. On Dec. 27, 2011, our house was broken into and over $6,000 of items were stolen. Some items were a PS3, Xbox, iPod Touch, two laptops, and camera [that I use for photography]. Not only did these items [and more] get taken, but I had to shut down my photography shop because I no longer have any access to any prints [except for the few 4x6 prints I had printed] and no longer have a camera [except a 7mp that's seen better days]. I do online schooling so I have to have a computer. Since they took the laptop, I was forced to bring out and hook up my desktop [that's 6 years or so old]. Some other items had sentimental value to them. The fact that someone was lurking around outside while we were home, until no one was home and came into the place where I lay my head down at night is down right terrifying. Nothing [not even a security system] will ever make me feel 100% safe here. On the bright side of things, we did managed to get my PS3, some games, and iPod back yesterday. We even noticed two new accounts made on my PS3 and they had left their e-mail address on it. Smart, huh? All of that info has been turned over to the police. Fingers crossed that info leads to the no-good-low-life-scums that broke in. It's so messed up that we work for what we have and a low life scum [apparently too lazy to work for anything], takes it. This world is so messed up. But anyways, 2012 will def. be a better year. Once this is over with, I will put 2011 in a box and bury it. Never to see it again. It has been one heck of a roller-coaster ride. A ride I wish to not ever get on again. There were some positives that came out of 2011 and those I will hold close and always remember, but everything else can go in that buried box. I wish everyone the best of luck this year =]

P.S.: We won't die until we're old &/or God says it's our time! Regardless of the year.

1) Get my items back
2) Reopen my photography shop
3) Exercise daily
4) Finish school
5) Live life & be happy

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