Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I was watching the news last night (Nancy Grace) about the man that raped and killed ~10 females and the missing 7 month old baby. I'll get back to the guy, but how does a baby go missing from your own room??? First they say they slept from 3am-11:30am. Babies don't sleep straight like that. Now they say they slept till 11am. She went to the neighbors at 11:10 and called cops at 11:20. First off, if that was my child, the FIRST thing I would do is call the police and then worry about the neighbors afterwards. That's on fishy story. Hopefully the little girl is okay and a live. Now the man, what a sick sick man. He needs to be TORTURED. Those ladies didn't just get a shot and sleep. They were RAPED and KILLED. They need to search NC and CA where he use to live. He just got out of 15years of jail for rape, apparently he didn't learn his lesson. He ain't getting out now. When all those ladies went missing, why didn't they search his house? He was a convicted RAPIST, his house had a TERRIBLE smell. Hello, put two and two together. I'm almost certain there's more than 10 dead women there and maybe at his old houses. I just don't get these sick sick people...

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