Monday, May 4, 2009


I was watching Oprah the other week. She was talking about this new trend among teenagers called Sexting. Sexting is when a person sends nude pictures via text message. On the show, it said that sexting ruined a girl's life. She killed herself. Sexting didn't ruin her life. She ruined her own life by being dumb enough to take and send the photo. If a person doesn't want their photo sent to others, they should have never took it and sent it to one person. It's dumb on the person's fault and they have no one to blame but their self. I have no pitty for them. I'm tired of hearing about sexting ruining a persons life. No one held a gun to their head and said "If you don't take and send a nude photo of yourself, I'm going to kill you". It was THEIR choice. No one FORCED them to do it. They have NO ONE to blame but their OWN self.

Also people that forward the photo, can be faced with charges. Being labeled as a pedophile at age 17. That is beyond messed up. How are they a pedophile? They didn't take the photo. The person who sent it to begin with took a photo of their OWN body. All they did was simply forward the message they got. There are far too many REAL pedophiles to be concerned about. These people are NOT REAL pedophiles and should not be labeled as one either. Like I said, if the person didn't want the photo to get out, they shouldn't have taken it and sent it. I feel no pitty what so ever for those people.

So here's to all you teenagers out there and people have "sexted". If you don't want your photo to get around to others, DON'T FREAKING SEND IT!!! And if you do, you have no one to blame but YOURSELF!!!

Teen Committed Suicide Due To Sexting

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