Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's this mean???

I got a 18g in both ears. The left one is fine. My right one, well what dose it mean, if every time I change the earring there to a different one, the next day it's like sore and stuff and sometimes bleeds, but once I put the original earring in it, it dose fine? The left ear doesn't have the issue. It sucks because I don't like the earring that's in but I can't change it because of what I just said. I want to switch it to a different 18g earring. I can do it with my left ear, but the right ear always bleeds a little and is sore when I change it. Which it's been bleeding a little every since I got it done. But when I put the regular earring in (which is a bar), then it's not sore or anything. It's been months since I got it. I got the left one at the same time and it's fine. I can change the earring in it and have no issues. I clean it with sea salt. Wash it when I shower. I leave the earring in and clean it that way. I also clean the hole and earring before putting a earring in. Like I said, the left one is fine, I don't know why the right one is doing what it's doing.
It's not ALWAYS bleeding. It's just when I put a diff. earring in, when I look at it a few hours later, it'll have a little amount of blood on it. But that's only with any earring except the original one. It doesn't bleed and isn't sore except when there's a different earring in. I know it's not infected because it's fine with the original earring. It's not a allergic reaction because the left is fine with any. Any help/advice/information would be greatly appreciated.

[not the cartilage ones]

By they way, these are the ones I was trying to put in it

those are stainless and the one that the piercer put in is stainless, it's just a bar

those don't affect my left ear, just my right

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