Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First update of the new year

Well since I haven't really posted anything pertaining to me lately, I'll do it now :-) Well let's see where to I begin. My last entry was on December 31, 2008. I guess I shall pick up from there. Well the New Year started off pretty good. I didn't go out and party it up though. Actually I was home with the b/f designing some clothing ha. Speaking of which, I've been slack and not made any lately gooby. Anyways, school started back for me. I'm taking Astronomy and Probability & Stat. (science and math). I hope I get finished this year or early next year. So ready to be out. When I get done, I'm going back for graphic designs :-) But enough about school. Everything else has been pretty much peachy. I still keep my two little brothers. They are a year old now and WALKING! One tries to climb ha. They're funny. Makes me want one, but I don't want any at the moment *lol*. It's great to be able to keep them and then give them back in the evening thumbs I think that's about all that needs updating on. Oh it actually SNOWED here last weekbounce It like NEVER snows here *lol* Of course it melted away the next daygirsad but I did manage to get some photos of it :-D. Now I have a little cold :-(. I hate cold weather. Can't wait for the summer! Well this is the end of the update. Until next time!

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