Monday, December 29, 2008

New items!

Here are two more items I made:

This is a blue top with a pink star in the middle on the front. The sleeves tie. I have modified the sides and made a corset side with hot pink ribbon. This is a size Medium. 100% cotton. This shirt is pre-worn and pre-washed. This shirt can be worn off the shoulders, off one shoulder, on the shoulders, or with a tank top (it looks best without a under shirt)

This is one pair of Custom Side Corset Jeans. The ribbon can be baby pink, violet, purple, red, or black. I do have hot pink, but it is skinny ribbon. I want to do this style in Skinny jeans as well. These pants will make any one stop and say "WOW!" All pants are pre-worn and pre-washed. Jeans are made in the order that they were placed.


susan said...

So creative! Thanks for visiting my blog (sMacThoughts) :))

AMomentAMemory said...

Very cool jeans. I like that you offer so many choices for the ribbon colors too!
Anna of